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UniForum New Zealand Incorporated is one of New Zealand's leading computer systems user groups, with nearly 400 members from all the major sectors of commerce, government and industry. Established in 1984 and originally centred on technical Unix issues, UniForum NZ's focus has broadened in recent years to the wider marketplace of open systems.

Importantly, UniForum NZ is the only vendor-independent open systems user group in the country. The concepts of portability and standards embodied in Unix have led to the creation in UniForum NZ of a group committed to the widespread use and development of open, interoperable computer systems.

With the primary aim of sharing information about Unix systems and standards-based information technology and about the concepts and practicalities of making different types of computer systems work together, UniForum NZ is an active, enthusiastic group whose impact is much greater than that of any other group of comparable size.

Its membership is very diverse, including technical and managerial representatives of many computer companies, local bodies, government departments and SOEs, universities, polytechnics, electricity companies, insurance companies, oil companies, consultants, accountants and other interested individuals.


UniForum NZ is affiliated to many similar groups world-wide, and in particular the UniForum organization in the USA. These affiliations lend a broad perspective and entitle members to obtain overseas publications and attend international conferences at discounted rates.


Membership of UniForum NZ is in one of four classes:

  1. Associate Membership: eligibility to participate in and vote on all procedural matters of the group, and access to all facilities.
  2. Student Membership: no voting rights, and some limits on facilities, but at a much reduced fee. This applies to all full-time students.
  3. Corporate Membership: suitable for large organizations which entitles their staff to all facilities. Corporate Membership also provides a mailing facility for a small administration fee and a scheme allowing Corporate Members to provide a first time reduced membership fee for UniForum NZ to their clients.
  4. Corporate Sponsorship: for those wishing to indicate a greater commitment to UniForum NZ, Corporate Sponsorship gives all the benefits of Corporate Membership plus regular listing in group publications.

If you would like to join please complete the membership form.


The highlight of the UniForum NZ year is a highly successful annual conference and exhibition featuring top local and international speakers and leading edge technology. The 1997 conference was held in May in Rotorua.

The 1998 conference is scheduled for the month of May. Click here and be there!


UniForum NZ News is published 11 times a year and mailed free to members. Including locally written columns and articles as well as some gleaned from top overseas publications, the newsletter caters for both the technically sophisticated and the management-oriented. A vehicle for seeking and finding useful information about computer systems, it provides information about UniForum NZ activities and other relevant events.

UniForum NZ News is now online. Click here for the latest issue online. Click here for back issues


UniForum NZ has an extensive, up-to-date library of books, journals, newsletters and other material relating to Unix and open computer systems. A list of publications received is maintained here and also published regularly in News. Library holdings can be ordered here or by e-mail.

Technical Assistance

Uniforum NZ provides free technical assistance for minor Unix problems via the library. Furthermore, many members are technical or commercial experts, willing to help fellow Unix users.


Uniforum NZ Members can purchase a wide range of new books and old favourites at very competitive prices from the UniForum NZ Bookshop. A list of titles and prices is published here and regularly in NEWS. Books can be ordered here, by e-mail or fax.

Book Reviews

Uniforum NZ endeavours to bring the latest book reviews to members and also to make recommendations and suggestions on what books to purchase. Click here to read the latest reviews.

Research Grant

Uniforum NZ members can apply for an annual research grant of $2500 made available for academic research in the Unix or Open Systems area. The 1996 grant was awarded to Anand Raman and Chris Phillips of the Computer Science department, Massey University for research towards improving the Unix user interface. To make use of this unique opportunity, email Anand Raman for further details.

Regional Meetings

Regular regional meetings in Wellington and Auckland, with occasional meetings elsewhere as requested, are held, featuring guest speakers, technology updates and a forum for discussion.

Special Interest Groups

Special interest groups have been formed for Pick, Internet, OOT and Database. The activities of the SIGs are dependent on their members' requirements. SIG memberships are available to Uniforum NZ members only.

Corporate Sponsors

A full list of Corporate Sponsors is provided in all our major publications.


The affairs of the society are conducted by an executive Board. The Board consists of four Officers (President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary) and from four to six members.

Any board member can be contacted via e-mail using the address

The whole board can be emailed simultaneously by using the address

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