Sage Networking Workshop

On 10 December 2019, 9am to 6pm, in the CityLink offices on level 2, 53 Boulcott St, Wellington, Sage NZ held a Networking Workshop.

This was a hands-on workshop. We looked at VPNs, including setting up and interoperation between different VPN software.

Attendees brought their own networking equipment, computers, and software.

Mark Davies had some NetBSD systems, and quickly got a minimal configuration going to a FreeBSD system (Net and Free get their IPSec from the same source). This was host to host with manual keys.

Much later we got OpenBSD to talk. Problems were caused by differences in the way configuration was done, unhelpful error messages, skimpy documentation.

We looked at Windows 2000, but no-one understood all the magic 'just click and it all works' configuration, so we passed on that till we had more information.

A Debian Linux system was well on the way, but we ran out of time.

Some discussion of the workshop is in the mail list archives

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