Sage Networking Workshop

SAGE-NZ is held a networking workshop on Labour Weekend, 20-22 October.


The venue was the Wellington College computing suite. Wellington College is located just off the Basin.

What happenned?

A small group showed up for the workshop, they were:

As promised, Ewen did a Debian install tutorial. This consisted of installing Debian on a PC with three ethernet cards that was to be one of the workshop routers.

Philip's OpenBSD tutorial consisted of installing EmBSD 1.1 on a 32MB CompactFlash for the other router used at the workshop. He also talked Lesley through installing an OpenBSD 3.0 snapshot from CD after the ISO creation tutorial and then Ewen's quick CDRW enabling on Debian lesson.

These areas were going to be covered:

As usual, we didn't get everything done. Donald fought OpenNMS to a standstill and was just getting results when he had to fly back to Hamilton. IPv6 got a fright, with the routers routing IPv4 and IPv6, and IPv6 only clients being able to do useful stuff.

The other topics were neglected because we didn't have enough time or people to attack them.

Philip Plane