Systems Administrators Group of New Zealand


Jan 2004 - Uniforum has been wound up. As SAGE-NZ was very quiet anyway I'll keep the website going while thinking of what to do next.

6 May 2019 - Updated gateway notes.

Updated HPUX freeware site.

Added preliminary documentation for setting up dialup gateways. This is being prepared for a future workshop/tutorial.

Added mailing list info for HPUX

Added a link for AIX

What is SAGE-NZ?
An local organization similar in concept to SAGE or SAGE-AU or SANS. SAGE-NZ is an organization for Systems Administrators to help each other get more from their jobs, and to do their jobs better.

What does SAGE-NZ offer?
Currently, just the mailing list and the occasional workshop. But if you have suggestions, join the mailing list and tell them what you want.

What is the association with Uniforum?
The last time setting up a SAGE was suggested at a Uniforum conference, a mailing list was set up to facilitate discussion. This led to a Special Interest Group being formed. So, SAGE-NZ is a SIG of Uniforum.

Who can join?
Anyone with an interest in the administration of computer systems. You must be a member of Uniforum.

Who's in charge here?
Donald Neal is the main culprit. Philip Plane runs the web site and list server.

How do I join the mailing list?
Check with the mailman

We have some links for the following operating systems:

There are some generic administration and security links.

And Donald Neal has done a survey of members.

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