Web Proxy

This document covers setting up the Squid web proxy and cache on OpenBSD.

Proxy setup

Install squid from the ports. It's in /usr/ports/www/squid. Don't forget to follow the post install instructions and run 'squid -z'.

Edit /etc/squid/squid.conf to allow hosts on the internal network access to squid. Just after the comments about "(internal) IP networks" is a good place to put these lines:

acl home_net src
http_access allow home_net

Remember the DHCP config and how the range was set to 65-126? We could restrict access to the squid proxy to just the hosts in the DHCP range by using a net of

Client setup

All clients that want to use the proxy must have their browsers configured to use proxy.home.net and port 3128 for the proxy. Exactly how this is done varies from system to system and version to version, but it'll be in the browser config somewhere.

Philip Plane <philip@xinqu.net>