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Microsoft Windows Refund for New Zealand

Here is a post Feb 15 report of the event

4 pm, Feb 15th 1999, Cotton Club, Cotton 339, Victoria University, Kelburn, Wellington.

Nibbles, Wine and Cheese, Courtesy UniForum NZ Inc.

Co-ordinator: Dr Anand Venkataraman, UniForum NZ
Ph: (06) 350 4186

If you are a user of Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD , OpenBSD, or another free/ Open Source operating system, or even of Microsoft Windows/NT, you may be entitled to a refund for unused Microsoft products bundled with your computer.

On Windows Refund Day (February 15, 2019), users of non-Microsoft software are invited to bring their original unused Microsoft disks, manuals, and Certificates of Authenticity to the Cotton Club, Cotton 339, Victoria University, Wellington where they will be collated and submitted to the Microsoft office on Hunter Street for a refund. In addition, users of Microsoft Windows/NT, who were sold their computers preloaded with Windows 95 or 98 which they never intend to use are also welcome.

Further information on the Microsoft End User License Agreement is at the Windows Refund Center in the Resources section below.

Is this relevant to NZ?

Is the Microsoft Windows Refund initiative relevant in the NZ marketplace? I have been informed unofficially that Guy Haycock (Microsoft NZ Windows Marketing) has said something like "Microsoft NZ is not involved in this." Read this to see why the initiative is still relevant to New Zealand in spite of Mr Haycock's assertions to the contrary.


The tentative plan is as follows. Monitor this site for updates.

  1. Monday Feb 15, 4PM: Gates open at Cotton Club, Cotton 339, Victoria University. Nibbles, wine and cheese.

  2. UniForum NZ accepts UNUSED original software from authentic non-users who were sold bundled Microsoft products. We will verify that the software is genuine and unused. So copyright violators, beware!

  3. Customers returning software sign a formal letter requesting their refund.

  4. Tuesday Feb 16: UniForum NZ Inc. liaises with the Microsoft office on behalf of those who expressed interest in the refund the previous day and hopefully gets Microsoft to send refund cheques directly to the people concerned.

Important Information

The message is not "Windows sucks, I want my money back." The message is "I choose not to accept this license, and am therefore exercising my right to return the product for a refund."

The quality or lack of quality of Microsoft products is not the issue.

If you are seeking a refund, we expect you to provide some documentation for the fact that you are not using the Microsoft products you are returning.

Bring your computer if you can schlep it, but if you choose not to bring the computer, please try to bring a copy of your non-Microsoft OS, a printout of your partition table, name tag or raffle ticket from a free OS event, or something else to substantiate that you aren't just a random copyright violator looking for a handout.

If you try to use this event as an excuse to actually use Microsoft products in violation of applicable licenses, we will help Microsoft hunt you down and prosecute you to the full extent of the law.

If you are not seeking a refund, and simply want to come along for the spectacle, that's fine too. Do enjoy the nibbles, wine and cheese, compliments of UniForum NZ, and feel free to converse and mingle. However, we do request that you not get in the way of people getting their refunds, and that you act politely towards any Microsoft employees and the media that may be present.

We will make further information on handling the media available here, since we want to present our OSs of choice in the best possible light without embarassing Microsoft. They are only giving us the refunds we want.

Questions or comments? Please read our FAQ, first.

For more information on the NZ initiative, please contact Anand Raman at A.Raman@massey.ac.nz. Contact Rick Moen at bofh@linuxmafia.com for other enquiries of a general nature.

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