Virtual Product Development


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Table of Contents

Virtual Product Development

Definition of VPD

VPD: Goals

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VPD: Business Drivers

VPD Enablers: Internet Growth

VPD Enablers: Electronic Commerce

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VPD Enablers: EC Requirements

VPD Enablers: Fast Networks

VPD: Requirements

Virtual Development Integration (VDI) Definition

VDI Process Integration

VDI Process Integration

VDI Architecture Will Electronically Integrate Engineering Environments

VDE Information Framework Definition

General Virtual Development Integration

VDI Infrastructure Architecture Layers

VDE Infrastructure Architecture Provides Integration & Network for Applications & Information

Object Management Group Standards

VDI Infrastructure Architecture and Information Framework vs. OMG Standards

OMG Domain Object Framework Standards of Interest to VPD

VDE Applications and Their Data Integration Overview

Applications Data Access Before and After VDI

Application Interfaces Before and After VDI

VDI Questions



Author: Anne Buzbee