UniForum NZ '99 Conference

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General Information

  • Tutorial Dates           13-14 April 2019                     
  • Conference Dates:    15-17 April 1999
  • Venue:                       Rydges Rotorua
  • Earlybird Registration Deadline:   12 March 1999

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The Programme Takes Shape

The conference planning is proceeding apace, so remember to mark your calendars, diaries and other devices for April 13-17 at Rydges Rotorua. Remember also that this time is the week after the Easter break, during school and university holidays, and families are particularly well catered for at Rydges. Here are a few highlights from the current draft programme for the conference next year.

There will be tutorials on Cryptography, E-commerce, Java Programming, LaTeX, Modelling, and how to turn your collection of PCs into a supercomputer when they are not otherwise being used. Other tutorials are being negotiated, and we even hope to have one free tutorial open to all tutorial delegates.

We have confirmation that Richard Stallman will return for the duration of the conference, to talk about the GNU Project in particular, and free software in general. Some of you may have caught his very popular short-notice seminars earlier this year when he was passing through NZ on his way to the AUUG conference. Other international visitors include Paul Mockapetris (who wrote the original DNS RFC), Carl Cargill and Anne Buzbee, now both from Sun Microsystems in silicon valley, and Rolf Jester from the Gartner Group in Australia. We have high hopes for even more international visitors than this, so keep checking these web pages and watch for the registration brochure in February.

We also have a good collection of streams presentations and a particularly strong Internet-related set of presentations for ISOCNZ Day, so we hope we can attract a strong following from members of that complementary organisation.

I won't give away any secrets yet about what social events we have planned, but rest assured we will be providing something for everyone, and note that the conference hotel does have an indoor heated pool!

Ray Brownrigg

UniForum NZ '99 Conference Convener


Ph +64-4-472-1000x7068

FAX +64-4-495-5118


The Rydges Rotorua is an exceedingly well appointed venue for the UniForum conference. Accomodation will be available at a discount for Conference delegates. The rooms are large and will easily cater for those wishing to bring their families along or who wish to share a room.