Uniforum Conference: How to get there

Venue: Auckland Airport Centra hotel - not to be confused with what was the Centra Hotel in downtown Auckland.

For those driving there from the city, please have a look at the map. Basically head for the airport, but as the motorway ends, don't continue into George Bolt drive, turn right (north-west) into Kirkbride Rd instead - the Airport Centra is on the left at the next intersection (Ascot Rd). There's ample parking in the hotel car park.

If you are flying in, there is free transport from the airport. There's a grey Centra airport bus that leaves from door 10 of the International terminal. Those at the domestic terminal need to hop on the free inter terminal bus (or walk the 1km or so) to fo from the domestic to the international terminal.

If you are arriving by bus or train (from out of town) or need to find cheap transport from the city, here are a few options:

For those flying, Air New Zealand currently has a special for those who book online via their website. FreedomAir also offers cheap rates for those booking on their website.

Auckland Airport website