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UniForum New Zealand Incorporated is one of New Zealand's leading computer systems user groups, with members from all the major sectors of commerce, government and industry. Established in 1984 and originally centred on technical Unix issues, UniForum NZ's focus has broadened in recent years to the wider marketplace of open systems.

Importantly, UniForum NZ is the only nationwide vendor-independent open systems user group in the country. The concepts of portability and standards embodied in Unix have led to the creation in UniForum NZ of a group committed to the widespread use and development of open, interoperable computer systems.

With the primary aim of sharing information about Unix systems and standards-based information technology and about the concepts and practicalities of making different types of computer systems work together, UniForum NZ is an active, enthusiastic group whose impact is much greater than that of any other group of comparable size.

Its membership is very diverse, including technical and managerial representatives of many computer companies, local bodies, government departments and SOEs, universities, polytechnics, electricity companies, insurance companies, oil companies, consultants, accountants and other interested individuals.


UniForum NZ is affiliated to similar groups world-wide, and in particular the UniForum organization in the USA. These affiliations lend a broad perspective and entitlemembers to obtain overseas publications and attend international conferences at discounted rates.

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