Here they are!

Photographer: Anand Raman
Captions: Ray Brownrigg

The Registration Desk

The Opening Ceremony

Some old faces, some new at the President's Cocktail Party

Bob Glass and Carl Cargill

Roger's still looking happy

Ray, Anand and Julie

The Medieval dancers entertain at the Theme Dinner

Bruce and Anand in their costumes

Bill Cheswick demonstrates one of his many skills

Even the little ones were in costume

Martin and Jo Rothbaum

The theme was green...

Roger has stopped smiling, .. temporarily

Morning tea in the exhibition area ...

... and after dinner in the pool.

Bill Cheswick accepts his speaker gifts

The SGI stand was popular...

Anne Buzbee and Carl Cargill

Some of the streams sessions were standing room only!

Jan Newmarch accepts his speaker gift

Roger attempts to set the audience rules for the Microsoft speaker

Phil Meyer enters into the spirit of the occasion ...

...and earns a special reward from Roger (a Sun T-shirt!)

Bill Cheswick's kids model the UniForum T-shirts (not for sale)

A quiet moment during the champagne cocktails

and Roger is still alive!

Carl Cargill takes the floor during dinner, can we have it back please Carl?

Bill Parkin tests some theories on aerodynamics at the dinner...

... as John Hine takes aim